School Policy

Student Dress Code Policy:

JCPA students must be in their appropriate uniform for each day of the week as follows:

Daily Uniform for Both Boys & Girls

Monday to Friday:

Oxford Blue Shirt with Burgundy/Feather Gray Necktie & Khaki Bottom

Optional Item:

Feather Gray Necktie is optional for both boys and girls every day of the week with the exception of Chapel day; when boys are required to wear their necktie.

Wednesday: Chapel Uniform
  • Boys: Khaki bottom, White Oxford Shirt & a Navy Blue vest with school logo along with Burgundy/Feather Gray Necktie
  • Girls: Peter Pan White Blouse with ‘Jubilee’ embroidered on the left collar. Jumper Style.

Jubilee Hands That helps Project

Every other Friday at Jubilee is a Dress Down/Casual Friday to benefit JCPA Hands That Helps Project. A fee of $3.00 per student is required to participate. The proceeds benefits children’s in need.

JCPA School Extended Care Policies:

Students that are considered part-time or that attend school during academic hours only are required to be picked up no later than 3:45pm. If a student is not picked-up by this time then a $ 2.00 per minute charge will be applied to the student’s account. Also if a student is picked up after 7:00pm, then a $2.00 per minute charge will also be applied to the student’s account.

For additional information about JCPA, please click on the Parents’ guidebook link below;

School Policy

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